Cowboy raises $80m to further accelerate the adoption of cycling, through product design excellence, on-demand service and a digital riding coach.

As Cowboy builds upon its incredible momentum gained last year becoming the most-loved electric bike brand in the world, it aims to build the complete ecosystem for urban cycling. The fundraise will enable Cowboy to bring core technologies in house, design products and services for an expanding audience, and continue to build a community around fitness through its increasing app usage.

  • Expanding U.S. operations
  • Introducing Cowboy Care, an on-demand, all-inclusive maintenance service
  • Launching Cowboy app 3.0, featuring ride stats and social sharing, resulting in significant increases in cycling time and distance covered per rider
  • Enhancing Cowboy Circular, enabling consumers to buy second-hand, certified refurbished Cowboy bikes.

Set the indisputable design standard in urban mobility

Keep people moving to stay active and fit

Delight riders every step of the way

  • embedded crash and theft detection, with a 98% successful tracking and 70% retrieval rate
  • 3D navigation mapping, offering real-time weather and air quality guidance
  • post-ride trip analysis, with speed and elevation gain detail
  • community leaderboards, including custom achievement badges

New initiatives on the horizon




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