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E-bike designer and maker Cowboy unveils Cowboy Care, taking the entire industry by storm and setting a new standard in customer experience and bike servicing by offering an on-demand, unlimited and fully comprehensive maintenance subscription service. Available immediately, Cowboy Care will deliver ultimate peace of mind to the rider community and urban dwellers across Europe.

  • Cowboy Care offers an on-demand, all-inclusive and unlimited maintenance service; covering any service ranging from parts cleaning to parts replacement, all the way to flat tire repair.
  • On demand. Available across 14 cities in Europe, our team of Cowboy trained and certified technicians come to the address of your choice.
  • All inclusive. No hidden costs or exceptions. Any part requiring maintenance is on us, including when facing a flat tire.
  • Unlimited, instant bookings. At the press of a button in the Cowboy app, riders will be able to schedule an appointment whenever and wherever it suits them.

Brussels, Belgium, November 16, 2021 After record sales of its 4th generation model, the Cowboy 4, introduced in Europe and the US earlier this year, Cowboy announced today the launch of a subscription-based, on-demand maintenance service called Cowboy Care, a world premiere in and beyond the urban mobility landscape. Since inception in 2017, Cowboy has built a reputation as a rider first company through its operational excellence and on-demand service network regularly praised by its community of riders and the industry at large.

Cowboy goes the extra mile so our riders don’t have to

With the launch of Cowboy Care, the goal is to offer all urban dwellers the ability to ride worry free. While the whole industry expects riders to come their way to get their bike serviced, Cowboy sends one of their expertly trained technicians to perform the servicing whenever and wherever it suits the rider — saving time, money and stress.

Leveraging Cowboy’s highly technical, in-house trained experts in 14 European cities initially, Cowboy Care will cover riders for any required service following the regular use of their bike — ranging from overall bike check-up and cleaning, bolts tightening, to parts replacement, all the way to the replacement of a flat tire.

“Cowboy exists to serve and delight urban dwellers in their quest for a safe, healthy, frictionless and fun way to move in and around cities. Allowing our riders to journey worry free is what our on-demand service aims to deliver every step of the way.” said Adrien Roose.

Comprehensive, unlimited servicing with a simple tap

Cowboy doesn’t charge any excess fees for parts, or time. Hidden costs or untransparent terms unfortunately sound far too familiar to many consumers today in cycling or adjacent categories, including the car industry. With Cowboy Care, everything is included in the subscription fee so that our riders are never left with any bad surprises.

Care is also unlimited. While Cowboy designs and engineers bikes with very high performance and quality standards, the technician comes to the rider as many times as they need us there. A simple tap on our iOS and Android apps will get an appointment booked in no time.

“In our daily lives as consumers, we came across so many brands lacking transparency on the true cost of a service and the real scope of it. From the day we started Cowboy, it was clear this was not the path we would embrace. We believe in total transparency and simplicity. We’re driven to delight our riders by delivering a superior customer experience. Cowboy Care is our most advanced service offering and one that we’re confident will challenge an entire industry to rethink abusive and poor customer practices. ” said Adrien Roose.

Pricing and availability

First deployed in 14 cities in EU starting today with Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Paris, London, Gent, Munich, Brussels, Cologne, Antwerp, Rotterdam, Dusseldorf, Utrecht and Frankfurt.

Cowboy Care is priced at €20 / £20 / $20 a month, billed annually.

“With Care, adding to the Cowboy Theft Insurance plan launched in 2019, we now offer a uniquely comprehensive solution on the market and are proud to deliver the ultimate peace of mind to every Cowboy rider. A new step towards our vision to make mobility in and around cities simple , frictionless and safe.” added Roose.

How Cowboy Care works, in the app and on the ground

Care riders who want to book a maintenance service for their bike can schedule an appointment or speak to a Cowboy customer service expert through the Cowboy app, and choose from Maintenance and Flat tyre fix. A Cowboy technician will meet them at the location of their choice to check or fix their bike and get them back in the saddle in a flash.

The details

Free services included with any Cowboy bike

  • 2 years warranty
  • Over-the-air updates and diagnostics
  • Find my Bike functionality
  • On-demand warranty repairs

Cowboy Care


  • Frame cleaning
  • Belt cleaning
  • Brake/Disc pad cleaning
  • Belt-tightening
  • Bolt/screws tightening
  • Tire pressure check

Parts replacement

  • Replace brake pads
  • Replace tire
  • Replace inner tube (in case of a puncture)

Services included

  • Unlimited bookings
  • Cost of spare parts included
  • Flat tire replacement
  • Free on-demand appointments
  • Duplicate battery key in case of loss





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